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Mar 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
.s. back in her native san francisco. where due to family connections and the love of music she saw perform and became friends with a lineup of musicians who are now legends. >> quick silver, the dead, the airplane. i had a mad, you know school girl crush on marty ballon. >> decades before official events with president and first lady obama oren hung with a very different kind of crowd. in the heart of san francisco's counterculture haven, haight-ashbury. >> you would play frisbee with jerry garcia and the grateful dead? >> yeah. >> what is your favorite dead song? >> i can't give you a favorite dead song. the truth is i don't know if i should say this on camera. i was not a dead head. i don't know -- that's okay. >> it's okay. >> i sort of felt like i was a band mascot. >> but do not call her a groupie. >> we are not groupies. >> this is penny lane, man. show some respect. >> we inspire the music. we're here because of the music. >> in the late '60s sally oren and her older sister were almost famous but they were pg versions of kate hudson's penny lane. ♪ you want somebody to love". >> j
Mar 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
justice john roberts has a cousin from san francisco who is a lesbian and reportedly wants to marry her partner. she will be in the room as roberts guest during the prop 8 arguments. so will cc cnn senior analyst jeffrey toobin who will prep us on that, the author of "the oath." jeff, thanks for being here on "the lead." you're the lead on "the lead." there are a lot of legal issues and torts. but for you this comes down to one question. >> both cases, same question -- can the government, in giving out benefits, whether it's taxes, whether it's marriage, whether it's child custody, say gay people get one set of benefits and straight people get another? can gay people get less? those are really the questions in both cases, and the court has never really answered that question clearly. and we should know a lot more tomorrow. >> and in terms of court watching, we know that there are generally four -- traditionally four liberal justices we assume will support same-sex justices, three or four conservative justices who will probably oppose it. does this, like so many other cases before it, co
Mar 19, 2013 1:00pm PDT
own experience in san francisco and what she has seen frankly across this country. so we'll work on this and find the votes and it deserves a vote. let's see if we can get it done. >> one of the most controversial policy aspects of this administration has to do with drones. you have been part of the system first when you were with the national security council and now also where these secret robot planes kill people, hopefully enemies of the united states, but there is little accountability according to critics, little transparency, and little legal recourse for the victims who are innocent. would you be comfortable with the same situation you have in place right now under a president palin or president ryan? >> here's what i -- you know, again, i'm not going to try and engage in hypotheticals. here's what i can tell you, jake. the president of the united states will take every step he can to protect this country and that is exactly what he's done. there are also very important checks and balances in our system to allow for the kind of oversight from congress so that the steps he
Mar 21, 2013 1:00pm PDT
and go a different path right? that is really important. >> you live in san francisco but you're here in new york about once a month. you've said that being mayor of new york city would be your dream job. >> yeah. i mean that desire to be mayor is more of an aspirational kind of raising the bar of how i should be -- >> because you haven't done enough right now. you need to raise the bar a little higher. >> i haven't. we have to always strive. >> why not throw in a nobel peace prize while you're at it? for now dorsey says he is focused on square. so focused he claims the man who is the world's most eligible billionaire doesn't have much time to date. i don't want to pry into your personal life but -- >> but i will. >> -- i can imagine if i were a 36-year-old single billionaire tech genius that i might be living a slightly different life than the one i'm living right now. are you having fun out there? >> i'm enjoying my life. i work really hard. you know, i spend a lot of my hours at the office and work with people and that's just what i like doing. you know, that is -- i work for a ver
Mar 28, 2013 1:00pm PDT
from san francisco is peter ruben who covers pop culture and entertainment for "wired" magazine and their new cover talks about the new age of television. thanks for joining us. the big question of course is netflix the new hbo? >> they're certainly going in that direction. i think there are a few contenders for the crown. when you consider what netflix did with "house of cards" and throwing money out to make a new show it certainly looks like they're making a play. >> who are they competing with? >> well, you've got a lot of streaming services doing original programming for the first time. amazon who has instant video of course has green lit a number of pilots for comedies and children's shows and then you have services like crackle doing original programming for the first time, but netflix really sees itself as moving into a space that's been dominated by pay cable, premium cable if you will. hbo, showtime has moved into that space big time with homeland. but what they did with "house of cards" everyone hollered they were spending a hundred million dollars to make this show bu
Mar 29, 2013 1:00pm PDT
simon, cnn, san francisco. >>> among the other weird, wearable gadgets we could soon see, usb cuff links, bluetooth gloves, and hoodies prewired with ear phones. >>> in politics, the definition of marriage is on the line. here's the weird twist. the two super lawyers who just this week worked together to lay out the argument for same sex marriage actually used to be rivals and our own gloria borger joins me now. theodore olson and david boyes were on opposite sides in the case bush v. gore. you got the only joint interview with these guys. how did they end up joining forces on this case? >> lunch. certain dipent serendipity. barack obama won the election in 2008. proposition 8 passed in california. rob reiner is having lunch at the polo lounge. he's very upset about it. somebody walks by his table and says, you know what? you really ought to talk to ted olson about this. he said, are you kidding me? ted olson? this is never going to be, long story short. >> the guy who delivered the supreme court case to george w. bush. >> exactly. long story short. they decide to hire ted olson and then
Mar 26, 2013 1:00pm PDT
that the ninth circuit court of appeals agreed and the lower court in san fr francisco -- >> well, that is an interesting point. if it were in the constitution, there wouldn't be any need for a constitutional amendment. >> this is totally misreading the history. the reason you need constitutional amendments is exactly because of what's happening at the supreme court. this is not a decision the court should be making. the people of the state ofc california have a right to have their voices heard. and the reason that constitutional amendments on the state level were passed was because activist judges at the state level beginning in massachusetts were imposing their will on the voters and basically saying we don't care what you think. this is coming whether you like it or not and we're going to force it on you. the people have a right for their voice to be heard. this is an issue in which good people can have disagreements, but the reality is that it is not -- that the majority of americans who have voted to protect traditional marriage, you can't just say those people are discrimina
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7